Free Printable Signage

With the current situation in the UK and Worldwide, many of our clients are now working from home – either Self-Isolating or Social Distancing.

Whichever you are doing, we have put together a selection of free, printable signs for you to use at home or at work, to help you to stay distanced and safe.

Click the links in the sections below, you will be take to the free printable signs.

Home Worker – Social Distancing:

Basic Printable Door Sign for Social Distancing:  Social Distancing Door Sign (Basic)

Fun Printable Sign Door for Social Distancing: Social Distancing Door Sign (Fun)

Home Worker – Self Isolating:

Printable Door Sign for Self Isolating: Self Isolating Door Sign (Basic)

Office Notice – Social Distancing:

Printable Office Sign for Social Distancing: Social Distance Office Sign (Basic)

Hand Sew your own Face Covering / Face Mask: DIY Cute FaceMask with Filter Pocket


Work from home - Social Distance

Self Isolation and Social Distancing – What is the difference?

Government guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak is continuously updating. Iy is important for us all to follow this guidance to protect ourselves, our colleagues and our families from this highly contagious and potentially fatal virus.

For up to date information and guidance check:

Self Isolation

Self Isolating - Working from HomeSelf Isolation is necessary for:

  • Anyone who has travelled to / from the list of affected countries
  • Anyone who has come in to contact with the virus or with another person who is exhibiting symptoms
  • Anyone who is exhibiting symptoms – even if they are mild

Self Isolation extends to the whole household – check government guidance for current recommended timescales

  • Isolate into a room that you do not share with another person
  • Do not permit anyone else to enter that room
  • Where possible, use a separate bathroom and clean between uses
  • If sharing a bathroom, schedule use so that you do not cross paths with anyone else, thoroughly clean after each use
  • Schedule kitchen use so that you do not cross paths with anyone else, thoroughly clean after each use
  • Keep used clothes and bedding in a bin bag until advised how to take care of these
  • Do not leave the house, invite anyone else in to the house, interact with delivery drivers etc

Social Distancing

Social Distancing ImageSocial Distancing is recommended for everyone but is necessary for:

  • Anyone who is on the ‘At Risk’ list produced by the government. The list includes the over 70’s, asthmatics and auto-immune disorders.

Social Distancing is a huge lifestyle change – the best way to socially distance is to act like you have the virus, therefore you will make the changes necessary to keep yourselves and those around you safe

  • Where possible, work from home
  • Avoid unnecessary travel inc in the UK
  • Avoid unnecessary interactions – only 1 person from the household needs to go to the supermarket
  • Do not invite friends and family to your home
  • Do not attend social gatherings – even if it’s in the home of a friend or family member
  • Avoid interaction with delivery drivers etc
  • On necessary trips out, try to stay 3 metres from other people

Just for Fun – Free to use images

Feel free to download these (right click to save) to share or send to your friends, family and colleagues.