Section 10: Taking your SEO further

Example of Google Analytics ReportWhen you have made your changes, it’s not an overnight fix. It will take time for the search engines to notice your changes and the results will be gradual. Don’t be tempted to keep changing the SEO every 5 minutes because you think it is not being picked up, be patient, take notice of content reviews and put your effort in to your blog function.

There are tools that you can use for free via Google to request a visit or re-index of your website and also to submit sitemaps. Sitemaps can usually be created in the CMS of a website but speak with your designer or if you are unsure. In WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin will allow you to generate sitemaps and use some other tools that we mentioned automatically.

This is by no means the most extensive SEO guide, but for a beginner or a small business owner, it is the perfect guide to get you on the road to SEO success.

Thanks for reading…