SEO Guide for Small Business Owners

I get so many clients and associates coming to me about issues with the SEO on their websites that I felt it was about time that I put together a guide aimed at business owners directly.

I am asked time and time again ‘why doesn’t my website come up where I want it in the search engines?’

I think the main answer, hidden beneath all of the reviews, explanations, suggestions and bumff is simple – the people writing the content are lacking SEO knowledge.

Obviously content writing is not the only answer, there is so much more to it, but it sure is a big one and it is something that we will be focusing on a great deal throughout this guide. 

Wherever possible, we will use examples based on a small business and will provide information and explanations to help you to understand the jargon.

Here are some of the topics that we will address:

  1. Building a website with SEO in mind
  2. Keeping your users busy
  3. Keywords and Keyphrases
  4. Content Writing with SEO in mind
  5. Meta Data – Titles and Descriptions
  6. Spiderwebs: Internal and External Links
  7. Blogs, News and Portfolio
  8. Help from your mum
  9. Monitoring your efforts
  10. Taking your SEO to the next level

The most important thing to remember, is that issues with SEO will only be resolved by covering every one of these areas and continuing to work on your website indefinitely.  

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. Essentially, the methods used to optimize a website to make it attractive to a search engine – such as Google.

In return for your hard work, Google has a nosey about in your website, watches how visitors to the site use it, notes what activity and interactions are going on in there and then makes a decision about when and where it should be displayed in search results based on those findings.

Having a website that is not optimized is like purchasing a box of flyers for your business and then sticking them in the bottom of the cupboard – not only is it a waste of time and money but the only person who knows it is there, is you!

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