Web Content Filtering

Macbook with Google on screen for SEOMany Companies take the decision to limit what their employees do online.

It could be that you simply don’t want your staff to be able to download anything from the internet to their machine or you may wish to prevent access to particular websites such as social media.

Assist Business IT Ltd can provide website content filtering that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Web Content Filtering FAQs

Once the setup is in place the Web Content Filter could be managed remotely under your IT Support Package. The initial setup however may require additional software or equipment such as a specific router, dependent on your current setup.

The answer to this is similar to ‘how long is a piece of string?’. If you have an issue with employees spending company time on personal website use then the issue may still present itself in other ways, for example through the use of personal mobile telephones in the workplace. Decisions surrounding employees using personal technology should be discussed with your HR dept.

Although preventing the ability to download programs from the internet could potentially reduce the risk of downloading a virus, a virus could still penetrate systems through other means. We would recommend that Anti-Virus Security remain vigilant in all cases.

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