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We offer a service to review your existing website, provide you with a written report and recommendations.

Our review looks at design, usability, content & images used, keywords & SEO, form & link checking and accessibility. Reviews can be an incredibly useful tool for both old and new websites and will allow for an independent & professional but fresh, pair of eyes to feed back on your online presence.

The entire process can be done remotely, communicating with a combination of email and telephone, therefore making this service available to clients throughout the UK.

Simply email for a quotation, further information or to book in your website review

Website Review for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whether your website is new or old, it’s a great assett to have an independent professional look over your site from the perspective of both customer and specialist.

It is normal for a business owner, or staff to fail to see issues with their own company website. Issues could be something as simple as there being too much to read, that you have used business jargon that your client may not connect with, that your menu system seems logical to you because you know the business but is complicated to a non-industry user… Your site could benefit from the content being re-jigged to make it read better from an SEO point of view, or you could be missing opportunities to reach more users.

We work by conducting our review twice – the first time purely from a usability perspective, the second time as a professional. Your report will be split into 2 sections highlighting the findings and recommendations in both these scenarios.

We can also look at your social media presence as part of your website review, this service allows for a more thorough picture of your online presence to be built and your report will include ways in which your media’s currently work together and any recommendations for improvements.

We regret that we do not offer Social Media only reviews. Social Media reviews can be booked only as an add-on to your website review.

As part of your review, we will work our way through all pages of the website and make notes of whether the links are working correctly and whether any improvement should be made to the way in which they work.

We will access or contact forms on the website, we will fill these in with the time and date of the test and an email to reply to – when you receive these test forms or emails, we ask that you respond to each one so that we can log which forms work accurately and add this to your report.

We will work our way through your website as a standard user would, this will allow us to ensure that it is easy to find what we are looking for, that the menu layouts are efficient and again that the links themselves are working.

As part of your review, we will be looking at the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website.

We will look at where keywords and keyphrases are present within the content as well as behind the scenes. We will then make recommendations on where improvement could be made.

To learn more about what SEO is, please see our article here: SEO Guide for Small Business Owners

Please note that we do not run an SEO implementation service, our reviews are completely independent and are intended to allow the site owner to improve their own SEO over time.

Our review will be written in a language that you understand – we will provide you with explanation wherever we need to use unavoidable jargon.

The review that we create will be from 2 points of view – the user, and the professional.

Your review will be released to you to use as you see fit. We encourage our clients to make use of our tutorials and info guides in order to allow them or a member of their team to be able to stay on top of their own website moving forward.

We don’t offer an SEO fix service, so you will find that our reviews can be honest and independent, with no motive to get you to spend further money with our company. If you choose to take your review to your own web designer or SEO team, we absolutely support that too.

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